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To your honorable body in the house of Representatives Richmond Whereas George Rivers a freeman of colour 49 years old & Winney his wife 50 years old have been Emancipated by their late Master John & Thos G Humphrey and they being willing & Desirous to Remain In the County of Loudoun State of Virginia the Place of their Nativity where their children now Live under all these circumstances They pray your honorable body to pass a law to that Effect and we the undersigned are their behalf are of Opinion that they are peaceable honest Industrious good citizens worthy of your Clemency and pray your approbation for their continuance. given under our hands this 9th Day of December 1836 [left column] Jesse Mc [Veigh], Thomas M Colston, Fenton Purr, John R Littleton, Joseph H Fred, Samuel McEland, Joseph Fred, Sen, Richard Carture, R S Fulton, William Galleher, Nahton Fulton, William Conner, Timothy Taylor Jr, Charles Taylor, John H Butcher, [Disket?] Jett, [right column] Benjamin Jackson, James Megeath, Balaam O[illegible], Jonathan Ewers, Townsend T Jury, John [Panwest?], Joseph Nichols, Jno Gulick, Cuthbert Powell, Jno M Harrison, Sydnor Bailey, Alfred Rust, Charles Bleakly