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We whom named are underwritten do hereby certify that we have for many Years known the bearer hereof George Rivers (a free man of Colour) who formerly belonged to Abner Humphrey decd late of the County of Loudoun and we are free to say that the said George Rivers has as far as we have ever known or believe conducted himself with strict honesty & propriety that he was a faithful servant to his master; From such conduct he became free He is an excellent hireling a good Cradler, mower and Stone fence maker and faithful at all work he may undertake September 5th 1832 [left column] Samuel Nichols, John Pancourt, Jonathan Chamblis, George W Willett, Amos Whitecre, Thos N Jones, Alfred Rust [left column] Ben Grayson, Geo M Grayson, Richd O Grayson, John S Humphrey, Mahlon Fulton, Elijah Cochran, W T Carter, Benjamin Jackson, Joseph H Fred, Jas Johnston, Jesse McVeigh, Wm Go[??], Geo Kile, Eli McVeigh, John Payne, Joshua Fred, William Palmer, Joseph Humphrey