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To the General Assembly of Virginia Your memoralists citizens of the County of Loudoun respectfully request your Honorable body to grant permission to Harriet Cook a free woman of color to remain in the State of Virginia. She was liberated about twelve years ago and has since the period of her emancipation lived in this community, sustaining a high character as a religious honest and valuable members of Society. It would be a serious inconvenience to a number of the citizens of Leesburg to be deprived of her services as a washerwoman and in other capacities, in which in consequence of her gentility, trustworthiness and skill she is exceedingly useful. We trust that the General Assembly will not deny our request as no possible injury can result to the Commonwealth by allowing Harriet to remain so long as she conducts herself honestly and properly. Asher W Gray x, Rob. W Gray, C B Wildman, Rob Bentley, Thos W Muse, Jno W Wildman, M G Smart, GW S Hough, H T Harrison x, A. [illegible] x, A L Edwards, R G Saunders