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To the Legislature of Virginia. Sundry Petitioners of the County of Lunenburg in behalf of Lucy Baomer, a free woman of Colour, formerly the property of John Winn decd, emancipated by his last will and testament. Your Petitioners represent that the said Lucy is upwards of fifty years old, and has always borne an excellent character, she has spent her life in the faithful discharge of all duties incumbent upon her, and for which fidelity, her Master, by his last will and testament, gave to her freedom, making also a provision for her support during her life, as will more fully appear by an attested copy of the said will, herewith annexed. Your Petitioners further represent, that the said Lucy is now so far advanced in life, that a removal from this commonwealth, in pursuance of an act passed, March 2nd 1819- concerning slaves, Free Negroes, and Mulattoes, is totally impracticable. This is therefore, to pray of that honorable body, that an act be passed, permitting the said Lucy to remain within this Commonwealth. And this your Petitioners in duty bound will for every pray December 21st 1833. Garner Webb fr Robertson Thomas White Frances E Bacon Salley A Winn Paschal P. Brown Eliza E Winn nancy Bronn Edmd Winn J.P. L E Winn H Hatchett D Street TW Street SAm Jones (Nottoway) [illegible] Jones John T. Street