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In the name of God Amen I John Will Sr of Lunenburg State of Virginia do make and Ordain this my last will and testament this 29 day of 1819. Item I direct all my Just debts paid Item I Give my wife Susanna Winn all my Household and Kitchen Furniture all my Stock of Every Description my Still Gigg and plantation Utensils to do as She may see cause with. Item I Land my wife Susanna Winn my Negro Woman called Lucy Boaman during the said Susanna's life and at her death I Hereby liberate and Give her the said Lucy Her Freedom And not to be Subject to the control of any person whatsoever I also give her a Bed and a sufficientcy for Her Support during her life to be provided by my representatives hereafter Named out of my Estate. Item I confirm to my son James Winn all the property I have heretofore lett him have except a Negro Boy by the name of Isham he has had in his possession several years past. On Hire and now in his possession on a Loan I also give him the Land he Now Lives on Meherene River. Item I Give and confirm to my son John Winn all the Property heretofore Given him and a Negro Boy by the name of Jerry. Item I confirm to my Daughter Pricilla Winn the negroes already deeded to her and By reference to the record of the County Court of Lunenburg will more fully appear I also give her a Bed and furniture and a Bed and Bolster. Item I confirm the Gift made to my two grandSons James S Brown and Paschall B Brown the 7th day of this Instant which is of Record in Lunenburg Court I also Give them a bed and Bolster. Item I send my wife Susanna Winn all my Land including McLaughlens tract Also the following slave viz Phill, Martin, Rose, Chany, Sal, Sealy, Isham, Cindy, Easter, Frank, Rosetta and Rachell during her natural life