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with all the increase of the Female and at the death of my wife Susanna Winn: I give my hand to my Daughter Pricilla Winn. Item It is my Will and Desire that Negroes I loaned my wife Susanna Winn to wit, Phill, Martin, Rose, Chany, Sue, Sealy Isham, Cindy, Easter, Frank, Rosetta and Rachell after her death be laid of in four Equal lotts and divided as following (viz) One Lott to James Winn provided he returns Isham, to my Estate if Not its my Will he have no futher part of the Negroes loaned my wife. One Lott to my son John Winn One Lott to my daughter Pricilla Winn, One lott to my two Grand Sons James L Brown and Parchall Brown. I Give it to them and their heirs forever. Item Lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my Beloved Executrix and Executor revoking all other Wills whatsoever. Given under my hand and Seal this the day and year above written. John Winn {Seal} Samuel Winn, Elizabeth Winn, Edmd Brown In Lunenburg County Court to Sept 1821 the within written last will and testament of Jno Winn Sen and was presented into court and proved by the oaths of the witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded And on the motion of Susana Winn the Executor named in the said will who having made oath according to Law certificate is granted to her for obtaining probate of the said will in due form whereupon she gave bond and security according to Law reserving liberty to the executor therein named to qualify when he shall think fit. Teste Wm Tayyor CL A copy Wm H Taylor