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86 Mrs. H.B. Everett Milling Workers Superintendents Mrs. J. T. Lewis Cradle Roll Superintendent Standing Committees Membership Mrs. J.J. Gomer, Mrs Harvey Morrell, and Miss Lilly Holland Social -Mrs. Fate Jones, Mrs M.J. March, and Mrs. C.C.Holland, Mrs Anne Piland. To visit sick - Mrs John Eley, Mrs J.T Rawles, Mrs Julian Lewis, Mrs G. E. Worrell, Mrs David Howell, and Mrs. John Britton. Flowers for deceace [deceased] members Mrs. W.M. Jay, Mrs Jet Howell, Miss Lydia_ Norfleet and Miss Inez Darden. Obituary notices _Mrs. B.D. Jones, Mrs. E T Holland, Mrs J. H. Jones, and and Mrs. S.R.B. Howell_ Program_Mrs N. John Norfleet, Mrs. W.M Jay, Mrs Floyd Morgan, and Mrs Fred Forbes Collectors _ Mrs. Nell Langstun, Mrs. F.B. Norfleet and Mrs. Jobie Harrell. Letters of Sympathy Mrs. Clifford Morgan. The report was adopted.