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87 It was moved and carried that the program committee prepare a program for the Thank Offering service. A bill of $5.00 was presented by the Treasurer for the envelopes to be used this year. It was moved and carried that the bill be paid. Delegates appointed by the President to attend the Missionary Conference, Mrs. J. K. Jones, Mrs. Anne Piland, Mrs. David Howell, Mrs. M. J. March, Mrs. Fred Forbes, Mrs. Jet Howell, Mrs. J. K. Jones, Mrs. Jet Howell, and Mrs. J. R. Harcum received their subscriptions to the Christian Missionary. Moved and carried that Mrs. N. M. Jay send the subscriptions and renewals for the Christian Sun to Richmond. Mrs. J. D. Hasilett gave the society a check for $5.00 and Mrs. Leward