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91 Disbursements Paid to Foreign mission work $50.00 Paid to Home Mission Work 50.00 Paid on Dr. Atkinson Pledge 40.00 Total dues sent to Missions 54.65 Thank offering sent to Missions 14.75 Paid for flowers for the deceased members 10.39 Paid to Christian Missionary Association 10.00 Paid on Men and Millions Pledge 25.00 Paid to Ellen Gerstein fund 2.00 Paid to Literature fund 1.20 Paid to C. P. Association for Calendars 17.00 Paid to Crescent laboratories for flavoring 9.00 Paid on parsonage repairs 144.56 Paid to Mrs. B. D. Jones for ice used at Hen party 1.50 Paid to Mrs. Jobie Harrell for cards sent out .35 Paid to Mrs. J. T. Jones for postage on box sent to Mts. 1.20 Paid to Mrs. W. M. Jay for Thank Offering expenses .50 Total disbursements 432.10 Mrs. W. M. Jay Treasurer [equation] 474.40 [-] 432.10 [=] 42.30 There being no further business Society adjourned to meet in Dec. Mrs. B. D. Jones Pres Mrs. J. T. Jones Sec.