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Fort Chiswell June 30th 1780 D. Sir Last night I red. Inteligence from a person on whom I can depend, who gives me Information, that alarms me much & which I think If not properly guarded against will be followed by evil Consequences. He gives an account of John Griffith being upon Walkers Creek, encourageing the Tories, & getting them in readiness; he has now left that place & gone to their place of Rendezvous at Ramsaws Mill; he is to be back however in about two weeks time in Company with a large body of Tories that are to come upon the Inhabitants of this place & to be joined by all those upon Walkers Creek. He has also promised that whoever would take some of the principal Men of this County, (and your Name & mine being particularily mentioned,) should be rewarded with a large number of Gunias. The Person who gave me this Information being affraid whilst Griffith was in the County to inform me of it, sent his wife last Night who gave me the above information. Colo. Campbell stopt a few minutes here this Morning, & to whom I was mentioning these particulars with some others; desired to let you [know] by the first Oppy., that by the Tories not moving any of their Property away & of many Particulars he heard since he left your home; he has the greatest Reason to believe that the Tories will shortly be back, that it is his Opinion, if it is in your power to get more Assistance from the Neighbouring Counties it would be necessary, that he is convinced they will make a vigorous Attempt to distress the People in this County. He promised he would immediately raise a hundred men & keep them in Readiness to march upon the shortest Notice, to our Assistance - I am Sir Your very hbe St, [humble Servant] James McGavock