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Therefore firmly relying on the Wisdom and Justness of your Worships that upon considering our precarious situation, the prayer of this their Humble Petition, we hope will be granted, and after repeating their inviolable attachment to their Country and the Comduty bound for your Worships they will ever Pray [illegible] Thos witten Senr Chrisly Hansly John Groomns John Miller James Witten Peter Harman Thomas Witten Junr Thomas Heef Joseph Johnson William Cecil Benjamin Josling Robert ray Burn Thomas Peeric Thys Maxwell William Meen Jeremiah Witten Henry Foley [Enus?] Johnson James Johnson Seth Johnson Richard Cavett James Johnson Michel Cavett James Oveler Zecey Clary Jesse Gray William Batter Thomas ShoChley Robert Worsham Beverly Miller Benjamin Thomas John Peery Peter Edwards Jolul Wegener