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ffather in law, to make peace wth mee, and another King also who was his neighbour, & the proprietor of that part of the River, wherein I then rode, I condiscended wth him to stay two dayes. In the meane time I tooke possession of the Countrey, for his Matie, and there sett up his Maties armes vpon a tree, wch was performed wth the solemnitie vsuall in that kind. I enquired of this king how farre this River ranne vp into the Countrey, and whither it were navigable or no, he told me it ranne a great way vp, & that I might goe wth my shipps till I came to a certanne place, where the rocks ranne cleane crosse the River, and that there he thought I could not goe over wth my great Canoas, (for soe they call all vessels that swimme vpon the water) I then desired him to lend me a pilott to goe vp to that place, wch he most willingly granted. I presented him wth a Coate, a hatchett, and a knife, wth wch he was very well contented, and so after, he had stayed some 4 or 5 houres he tooke his leave. About some 3 or fower dayes after, his king returned to me, and in company wth him two other kings, whome I mentioned before wth whome I also made peace, Of the old king I enquired if he had ever bene at the head of the River, he answered me no, but that he had heard that the River ranne