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Virginia ss By his Excellency. Whereas by Writt bearing date July ye tenth 1685 I caused a Generall Assembly to meet [covered] James Citty on ye first day of Octobr. wch by reason of my then inability [covered] holding an Assembly (occasioned by sickness) I prorogued unto ye second [day] of Novembr. follwing, from wch time ye sd Assembly was held, & Continued sitting, untill ye thirteenth day of decembr. last and from that time prorogued untill ye twentieth day of Octobr. wch should be in ye year One Thousand six [hundred] Eighty and Six, unless I should see Cause by Proclamation to Convene ye Assembly Sooner Or [dissolve] them, and forasmuch as at present noe fresh motives have offered, from whence to ground Resolutions for Convening the Assembly before ye 20th day of Octobr. next, nor for ye dissolving it, and finding it absolutely necessary for answering ye Important assaires of ye Governmt. yt an Assembly should be Convened, this ffall; I therefore ffrancis Lord Howard Bacon of Effingham his Majties. Lt. and Gover. Gentl. of Virga. have by, and with ye Advise, and Consent of ye Counsell of state Resolved in Counsell, yt according to ye Usage & practice of this Country, in Convening Assemblies Either Adjourned, or Prorogues, New Writts doe issued from ye secretaries Office for ye giveing timely notice to all such who served as Burgesses in ye last meeting of ye Assembly if in being, to Convene, and meet at James Citty on ye twentieth day of Octobr. next, & if any of those Burgesses are Either dead, absent out of ye Governmt. or otherwaies rendered incapable to serve as Burgesses, then according to ye man[n]er of Election, to Elect fitt members to serve in [missing] [-rd] & place. [missing] are therefor in his Majtys [missing] you to give tinely notice to said Burgess and Burgesses, wch serve as [missing] County, in ye last meeting of ye Assembly if in Being to meet me and the Counsell [missing] Citty on ye Twentieth day of Octobr. next, and if Either or both of those sd members should be dead, or absent out of ye Governmt., that then, & in said Case, you sum[m]on together all the ffree holders within yor County to meet at ye usuall place for Election of Burgesses, at such Convent. time, as you shall appoint then, and there to Elect one or two, as Occasion Requires, of ye most able, discreet, and Loyall men of yor County to serve as Burgess or Burgesses for yor County, in the room or place of him or them Either dead or absent out of ye Governmt. to wch Elected Representatives, ye Electors may Com[m]unicate their just Grievances (if any they have) that they may be redressed, all wth sd Elected Burgesses are to meet ine and the Counsell att James Citty on ye Twentieth day of Octobr, next, then and there to advize and Consult of such matters, as may be for ye Glory of God, ye honr. of his majty. and the Publick Weald of Collony, herein you may not faile, as also make due Returne of this Writt, as you will answer the Contrary at yor utmost perill. Given under my hand, and the Seale of ye Collony at Rosegill the first day of September Anno Dom[in]is 1686 And in ye 2d. year of his majties. Reigne. Effingham To ye Sheriff of Northampton ~ County Or his deputy.