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According to the Tenor: of this wth:in writt I have sum[m]ond the ffreeholders of this County of Northampton to meete ffor to Effect one Burgess to serve in the Roome & stead of Coll: Wm. Kendall, one of our Late Burgesses Decd: in whose stead they have (according to ye: plurallity of their subscriptions) Ellected & Chosen Capt: Isaac ffoncraft their Burgess & assistant to their former Burgess Capt: Jno Custis and Returne is made accordingly this 27th Day of 7ber 1686 & Hill: Stringer vir:mis To: Northton:

69 N

a Writ. ordering the Election of a Burgess for Northampton Cty. 1686