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Hond Sr Janry 15 1712/3 Since mine by charleston I have reced four of yrs on by the indians that came wth Tom Blunts brother, another by the Guard of the indian Prisonere the 3d by charleston and the last came wth goods in the cannon one tuesday the 13 instant. And concerning our not sending in to you the indians, to heree and Hancock I believe it never entered into Governrs Hyds thoughts nor mine nor any of the counsels that ye would have desired it And their crimes lykewise being chiefly against this govermt wee did not imagine it could give any offence to have them suffer here and non here ever questioned but if they had been brought in to you. you would have sent them in here have reced the [illegible] deserved punishmt upon receat of yr honors last letter I sent away a runner to Tome Blunt to desire him to be [in at our cottons?] on the 20th instant And lykewise hav appointed the bearer major Christopher Gale our agent to concert what measures your honor thinks most advantagious for carying on the ware wth what ye assembly have raised for us. [Collr?] Moore would lykewise willingly have come in but the destructione his indians make here of our catle & corne is intollerable haveing already eat up a great deall of the corne that was raysed by the assebly to maintain the [ware?] and also destroyed all the catle wherever they have come, so that some of the people here have been seemingly more ready to ryse upe against them then arch out against the enemy so that he is forced to march out wth them intending to depart from henre on Saterday nixt and to [attack?] the Fort he was at in comeing in I ame doubtfull wee shall be put to a strait for provisione for the army all the publick corne that is left I fear will scarcely be sufficient for the Forces twoe month And such a scarcity in the countrey that no more I believe can be raised Severall people not being able to pay this last tax. So that I believe itt will be necessary if you thinke to send yr Forces Speedily to our assistance that provision be purchased for them out of the 1000 lb But if you doe not send them [untallour?] Provisione is caryd round then wee shall be more capable to judge what wee may