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We voted to feed the Laymen at their next meeting.

Melvins, Stanley, Shirley, and Oscar were named as a committee to plan the menu for the Whaleyville Ruritan supper on April 3.

Ruth was asked the call the VEPCO office early on the first of March to try to get a date for us to have a supper.

During at new business, it was suggested that we set a special time for all of us to read our Lenten Devotions. the group voted to use them as a grace before breakfast.

The names of those on the tree commission groups were read.

Since Mar. 11 has been reserved as a date for recreation, suggestions were made to what recreation we wanted. We voted to have a scavenger hunt in Holland.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned. Mrs. James Jones then gave us a very interesting - discussion on incidents of prayer in the life of Jesus.

Respectfully submitted, Oscar Fowler, President Doris Holland, Secretary