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(transac)tion, which however justifiable in law can- not be perpetrated in society with impunity. You hint at my "magnet" as you are pleased to style my bonny Bet. Sir, she is a clean girl & my freind, but I have no more idea of marrying her or any other woman on earth, than I have of going on an exploring expedition to the moon. I love her, it is true, but only as a sister. I love her because she has been kind to me & I would be an un- grateful wretch if I could feel otherwise towards her. Our slave question is decided, as you will see in the papers. My course was consistent if not wise. I do not know what the people may think of it, but I do hope there is honesty enough left in Frederick County to justify the man who showed by his course that he was willing to observe & hold sacred a charter'd guarantee. I may soon be a candidate again, but my vote would be the same at all hazards. I have had several scuffles about the