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the assistance of a pole began to climb up to the window so that I might look in; when I had got about half way up I heard a gruff voice not far distant call out "who in the devil is that". It was no time to hesitate so I just let myself drop and took to my heels but just as I jumped the enclosure my coattail caught in the fencings & before I could get loose the fellow had grabbed me over the fence by the collar; I then made a desperate jerk and got loose & walked into the street; scrambling up again I took down the street and the fellow after me: having the "[start?]" of him I availed myself of the opportunity of giving him the dodge by suddenly taking up an alley. I had soon the satisfaction of finding that he missed sight of me & [illegible] on. I tell you what I was "[confounded?]" glad to get out of the scene & very cautiously made my way towards my hotel not feeling quite so sentimental as when I first set out.

I hope you are all well - tell Walker when I was in Philadelphia I called at old "[Holyland?]" for the sake of the days of "auld lang syne".

I wrote to Edward from Charleston - tell Louisa I should like just now to drop in if I could & taste a cup of her coffee -- Love to all the folks

GH. Baldwin