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Augusta Georgia May 6th 1938

Dear Isaac

This is the third time I have been in this city and it is certainly a most delightful place. The streets are wider than any I ever saw and perfectly shaded with rows of Pride of China trees of the most enormous size. Every evening I take a walk along the green banks of the Savannah (which winds around & partly thro' the city with a view to catch a glance at the [wimming?] (as a friend of mine used to say) who always make this their favourite promenade. As a matter of course there must be some pretty girls everywhere but I am sure I have seen more here in one evenings walk than I would see in other places of the same size in a week. [Abhs?] would not live in this climate. "Where the flowers ever blossom & the beams ever shine "And the virgins are soft as the roses they twine.