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That we could act in conjunction on the Trade your new coinciding - and that we could be mutually benefitted - Your caution & coolness with my Action & Trade would Enable us to make the buisiness [business] a good one Our available cash means will not differ materially There is a farm near me of 1112½ acres which I had fixed in my minds Eye for you They ask 8000$ for it with some improvements can be made comfortable at one or two Thousand dollars will suit you - I imagine the land is out of the Question - can but suit any only Matilda is just as well satisfied here as I would disire [desire] On account of the scarcity of conjuvial spirits is the [fun?] of neighbours - although we have some neighbors as clever people as any - Could I get two neighbours of the right kind I would be willing to live and die here — without Ever mingling one moment again with the mass of this world — I am sick and tired of mankind in general with the foibles and corruption of the present day - So the balance of my life is more for my family than myself - The fruit sent me by Brinker are livid, but the wind broke off the most of the best flourishing grafts = the remaining enough I hope to propagate the species - The grapes failed in toto