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I am anxious to purchase some 20 young mule colts but it is almost impossible to meet with such as I want and the price advanced so much that it will require some foresight to say whether if is possible to make the investment at present — Young mules of good size at 4 & 5 months old bring in Cash 50 to 110$ — I have heard of one colt being sold for $120 at various times, which is about the 1st Sept - Cattle are enormously high stock of every kind — It will be well for you to bring large very large mares They will pay you for bringing, and you can swap off your horses for them at least enough to bring your [illegible] to the [illegible] — If the rail Road route is thought best, you can bring the mares on it & then on boats Beware how you carry your negroes through those free states — I had much uneasiness when I come out last - Never desire to see anyone with such feelings — I have a McCormick reaper & mower latest patent - you find work in wheat & oats but grass work suit me — How do the Executors of B.[illegible] Estate get along — Is there anything more coming to this Quarter — and What — I must have Iron force and if I am to get nothing more then some other arrangements must be made for the negroes must be had at even the high price. A M D