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WOMAN. COUGH. Whether arising from irritation in the throat and larynx resulting from talking cold, or from an attack of bronchitis, incipient consumption, or other cause, nothing will allay a cough more speedily or cure it more permanently than Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Whether recent, acute, lingering, or chronic, it is equally efficacious. It will cure a cough in one-half the time necessary to cure it with any other medicine, not by drying it up, but by subduing irritation, and healing the affected parts. No time should be lost in commencing its use as delay is dangerous. For Weak Lungs, Spitting of Blood, Short Breath, Consumptive Night-sweats, and kindred affections, it surpasses all other medicines. WOMAN. The remedial management of those diseases peculiar to women has afforded a large experience at the World's Dispensary and Invalids' Hotel, in adapting remedies for their cure. Many thousands of cases have annually been treated. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the result of this extended experience, and has become justly celebrated for its many and remarkable cures of all those chronic and painful diseases and WEAKNESES PECULIAR TO FEMALES. Favorite Prescription is a powerful restorative Tonic and Nervine, and imparts vigor and strength to the system, quiets nervous irritation and induces refreshing sleep. The following diseases are among those in which the Favorite Prescription has worked cures as if by magic and with a positiveness and certainty never before attained, viz: Leucorrhoae, or "whites," excessive flowing, painful menstruation, unnatural suppressions, prolapsus, or falling of the uterus, weak back, anteversion, retroversion, bearing - down sensations, chronic congestion, inflammation and ulceration of the womb, inflammation, pain and tenderness in ovaries, internal heat, nervous depression, nervous and sick headache, debility, and barrenness