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DEATH IN HIS FAVORITE ROBE. I was attended by doctors in Liverpool, Havre, New Orleans, New York, and at the Hospital on Staten Island (where the doctors wanted to take one leg off). Finally, after spending hundreds of dollars, I was persuaded to try your "Golden Medical Discovery," and now in less than three months after taking the first bottle I am thankful to say I am completely cured, and for the first time in ten years can put my left heel to the ground. I am at home nearly every evening and shall be glad to satisfy any person of the truth of this information. I am, sir, yours respectfully, WILLIAM RYDER, 87 Jefferson Street, Buffalo, N.Y. DEATH IN HIS FAVORITE ROBE. In a previous article I have shown that the liver is the great depurating, or blood-cleansing, organ of the human system. When this great "housekeeper" of our health becomes torpid or inactive a vast amount of noxious poisons accumulate in the blood. Nature tries to work off and free the system of this poison through other channels and organs, and largely through the exhalations thrown off through the lungs in respiration. The blood is in a measure oxygenated and purified by the lungs, but in this effort and overwork these organs become irritated, and nervous cough, bronchitis, and consumption itself, and are the natural results. The tissues of the lung being irritated by the bile-poisoned blood circulating through these most delicately-constructed organs, scrofulous humors of the blood are invited to the lungs, and local scrofulous disease is established. The general health becomes broken down, and the person feels languid, weak, faint, drowsy, and confused. Pain in the right side, in the region of the liver, and sympathetic pain in the shoulders and spine, and through the lungs, is generally experienced. The patient soon has a dry hacking cough. Minute tubercles are developed in the lungs, and perhaps exist for months unknown to their victim. Nothing is done to remove tubercles by the ordinary treatment. Cough is only a symptom of the disease, yet this only is aimed at. There is no rational way to cure consumption except to purity the blood. Set the liver actively at work, and the foul corruptions which have accumulated in the blood, and which eat out the vital machinery, are gradually expelled from the system. The poisonous materials in the blood which cause the tubercles are thereby thrown off and the vitality supported, the system nourished and built up, and the development of tubercles thus prevented. Remove the blood-poison by restoring the action of the liver, and the cough, which is only a symptom of the real disease, is relieved. You thereby strike at the root of incipient consumption and cure the patient. GOLDEN MEDICAL RECOVERY will not raise the dead, nor will it cure consumption when the lungs are almost wholly consumed, but it will, as has been demonstrated in hundreds of cases, positively arrest pulmonary. 18