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28th a little [illegible] this morning, wind S.W. a tolerable raw air. Sunshine about 10 O clock. Cloudy evening Bought a load of hay for seven dollars of Thomas Lewis 29th A little Hazy this morning wind S.W. and I believe a pleasant day for the winter season 8 O clock and a star light evening 30th A little Hazy this morning, wind SW and not very cold, though the air feels raw this evening something like snow 7 O clock and a cloudy evening 31 a snow fell last night about one inch deep, wind SW by west a little cloudy but an appearance of clearing off. Wind NW by W and colder. Clear this evening 2nd Mo 1st This is a clear cold morning wind N.W. I think the coldest morning we have had this winter, and a high wind, this evening clear and cold. 2nd This morning is clear and cold. Wind N.W. and not so high as yesterday, looks like a prospect of a fine day Wind S.W. this afternoon and not so cold as in the forepart of this day 3rd A little cloudy this morning and more moderate wind S.W. calm about 12 wind very raw from nearly a south course and continued so for sometime this evening about 9 a little snow