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2nd Mo 4th Somewhat cloudy this morning and not very cold Wind S.W. by south. Jarad Patterson and Jacob Crue & his wife Rachel Jarad a minister 3-8 years called here and took breakfast and went on towards Richmond. Wind west about 12. changed to N. at 7 and very keen indeed, Froz'd hard. 5th This morning very keen piercing wind N. and not very high more moderate at 12 at evening keen and freezing hard Stickley's wife died 6 This morning severe white frost wind N.W. and clear 12 O clock wind changed S.W. and air moderate This evening mild and suppose some falling weather near, not at all to cold for the season Trafster's wife died 7 Wind S.W. and very moderate, mild indeed, a very pleasant day Wind S.W. this evening and but a moderate wind 8 Wind west and clear a lovely day except the the wind rather high this afternoon lower continues west and very mild and a beautiful evening 9 A pleasant morning clear and not very cold some frost last night wind west, moderate