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10th A little frost not very cold, somewhat cloudy rather inclin'd to believe it will clear off - wind a little east of south, a little sprinkle twice this day a beautiful evening 11th A cloudy morning - wind south and rising 10 O clock very high wind the remainder of this day and a shower in the evening from the south 12th A very fine morning wind west chang'd to N.W. and blew very keen throughout this day, a very clear moon light night 13 A very fine clear morning wind N.W. wind clouds, and cold, wind chang'd S.W. and a very raw atmosphere a clear moon light night and a circle round the moon 14 A cloudy, and some snow then rain, continued raining nearly all the afternoon and and a great rain in the evening, and through the night with some snow wind S.E. 15 Raining this morning wind N.E. and continued the same course nearly all this day. Sometimes snowing and raining and constantly raining all day, this is the third or fourth quarterly meeting day at Waterford (held once every year there) that has raind or snow'd very much all in succession snowing this evening