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2nd mo 

24th This is a cold morning Wind N.W. and a snow drift as a good deal. With a high wind last night continued cold and windy Waters very high 25 This is a raw morning snow like, wind S.E. and continued all this day a little rain and sleet or hail this evening and not quite so cold 26 Wind S.E. and more moderate, like for a thaw a little cloudy commenc'd raining & continued until the night when it rain'd hard and wind high turnd from SE to N.W. and snow'd 27 This morning wind N.W. and a snow about 4 inches deep, and a fine morning a very muddy time water, very high, running over the breast of my milldam at the forebay this evening cold and freezing snowing hard 28 Wind N.W. and keen but not quite so cold as yesterday morning Some spots of snow 29 Wind N.W. cold this morning and continued so all this day 3rd mo 1st This is a keen morning and a very wholesome one Wind N.W. Chancellor Car has been appointed Judge of the court of appeals a few days ago a fine day 2nd This is a spring morning a little frost and a fine