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1824 1st mo 3 Cloudy early this morning succeeded by a considerable fog, clear. About ten O clock and continued so till evening Wind in the west very mild vegetation growing, quite a pleasant day. no remarkable occurrence this day here 4th A white frost this morning very much like a spring day, quite and agreeable day to be exercising Clear all this day wind in the west or rather southwest 5th A very mild pleasant day uncommonly so wind continuing nearly as yesterday without any peceptible change still clear this evening

6th Raining before daylight and continued until about 9 o clock then clear a few minutes then clouded up & rain about 2 oclock Wind chang'd to west and cold increases also wind, very boisterous this evening 7th Cold frosty morning moderate towards the middle of the day, a pleasant afternoon wind westerly clear and middling cold this evening. 8th Cold & frosty morning but soon mild, clear and quite a pleasant day, wind continuing westerly this evening clear & quite moderate