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14th very windy all this day some snow very cold this evening and continued so all night wind N W by West. Very Boisterous blow the gable end of a brick house down 15 th This morning is very cold & ground frozen once more & wind abated clear and middling cold this evening a beautiful light evng 16th Cold, windy and clear, the wind westerly during this day and this evening very Boisterous - - 17 Clear and cold this morning wind nearly west more moderate at noon, wind abated this evening -

18 This morning a little cloudy now and then sunshine, wind near the west, snow [illegible] about noon wind North, and cold increases this evening indicates snow 19th This is a cold morning Winter in earnest, wind in the North, windy clouds cold wind this day 20th a sharp keen air this morning wind NW the atmosphere pure, and clear this day closes with a cold wind about 8 Oclock P.M. a fine at Hennings Shop burnt the roof a little but was favour'd to extinguish it before much damage was done; it commenced just as I sat down to breakfast and was over in a few minutes 21st A cold morning, windy, rather moderated towards noon but continues windy from the west not quite so cold this evening