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22nd This morning cold wind westerly and getting moderate what may be call'd a fine day in winter This evening quite moderate and star light past 22 Oclock Thomas Arnet from Carolina 23 A cloudy snow like morning but no snow yet 12 Oclock still cloudy just rec'd a letter from Joshua Matthews of Baltimore informing of the death of Grandfather Oliver Matthews, Aged one hundred and two years one month & twenty days, departed on the 17th just about sunrise he had but a short struggle took a little cold turn'd to something like the influenza and quietly entered into the mansion of rest 24 Somewhat cloudy this forenoon, then a little sunshine not very cold cloudy near the evening indicates snow, tho some appearance of rain about 9 Oclock 25 Rain this morning and freezing, wind in the North and continued nearly so all this day; Blowing constant and raining, hailing, snowing a little 26 This morning is cloudy, wind NW and very windy, not very cold this afternoon clear and muddy walkin 27 Clear and pleasant not very cold wind westerly a moderate day and a starlight evening