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day wind N.w. and a prospect of spring weather the wild geese so said pass'd to the N.W. 3rd A fine morning Wind NW and very moderate throughout this day A flock of swans pass'd over this afternoon at my mill making their way N.West 4th A lovely morning Wind N.W. a daughter of Paddy's about 6 years old died yesterday about 10 AM with a burn the evening before, sorrowfull indeed This was a pleasant day 5 Wind NW and a fine morning clear and pleasant and a beautiful day throughout. This evening mild & like a spring evening 6th A spring morning & wind S.E. Some clouds about 12 more at 3 quite a cloudy evening and likely for rain 7th Raining this morning and rain'd last night and has raind all this day Wind in the S.E. and continued so all this day 8 Wind nearly North and a midling cool, but very fine morning and continued fine throughout this day 9th Wind N.W. and some flying clouds this morning a little snow this eveng 10th Wind N. & a pleasant day throughout