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4th mo 12th Wind S.West and a cloudy & some rain this day, shower & some sunshine this afternoon. Wind West by North & cooler. 13th Wind West and a cool day, variable throughout this evening wind abated and a fine evening. M. M. Brown commencd school with G. Sharp this morning. 14 Wind W. and a fine morning, a very pleasant day 15 raind last night a high wind from westward this day and some snow & rain more moderate this evening 16 A pleasant day. Wind S.W. rather cool. 17th A fine cool morning Wind N.W. and continued much the same during this day frost this morning 18th Wind N.W. and nearly the same as yesterday frost this morning. 19th The same as yesterday frost this morning 20th A fine cold morning Wind NW and remaind to be a very fine day very little frost this morning. 21st A fine spring morning wind S.W. & a very pleasant day 22 Wind SW and a smooky morning clear'd off then clouded up & rain'd in the afternoon fine growing weather