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4 mo 23rd Wind S & a cloudy morning Raind about 10 and a very fine growing day. Wind changd to west and blow'd strong clear'd off pleasant evening. 24 Wind N.W. and a fine cool morning- very warm day after 10 O clock and sun set behind a cloud this evening 25 Wind NW and a very fine spring morning- a very pleasant day. 26th Wind S. & likely for rain clouded up and rain'd a little about 2 O clock cleard off and a pleasant evening 27 Wind S.E. and some rain today and raining this evening 28 Wind SE & rainy day but changeable mostly cloudy. 29 Wind W and cloudy this morning cleard of and a very pleasant day 30th Wind SE & a fine day 5th mo 1st Wind SE & a little cloudy cleard off and a fine day 2 Wind SE and a warm day likely for rain- methinks not much rain today 3 Wind SE and a little rain wind midling high. 4 Wind SE & changd to NW this afternoon & cold, wind high tolerably