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5th mo 5th Wind NW and a cool morning - a little cloudy cleard off and a fine day 6th Wind N W and a cold morning suppose frost changd to S.E. and rain this evening. 7th W SE raind nearly all night and some rain this morning fine growing weather wind changd to N West and a fine evening. 8th Wind NW and cool morning somewhat windy and a fine day a little showery after night and some rain this day tho not much. 9th Wind west and midling high this day. Betsy Neill rode out of town and was thrown from her horse and killed her scull was broke and I suppose her neck out of place. She expired in a few moments was carried home. Oh what an awful change in our society call'd from life in an instant of time S Miller died with the cholic as I am informd 10th A large funeral this day at the internment of Betsy Niell about 3 o clock this afternoon. Wind NW and pleasant this day