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11th wind S and a fine cool morning, a pleasant day. 12th Wind S and gentle breeze a fine morning and a midling pleasant day. 13th Wind S and moderate this day except high wind a little rain these chang'd to west and colder 14th Wind west and boisterous, not very cold but likely for frost this night 15 Wind west chang'd to S and likely for rain did sprinkle a little changeable 16 Wind SE and a cloudy morning cleard off and a pleasant day 17th Wind SE and much like rain but none to day at one o clock but appearance raind a little this afternoon 18th Wind SE and cloudy this morning raind some to day. Sarah Beatty wife of Henry Beatty departed this life this morning and is to be interr'd to morrow afternoon at 5 o clock 19 Wind SE and rain'd a good deal this day nearly all the day 20 Wind SW and windy a heavy thunder gust this afternoon and high wind clear'd off