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17th wind S. and a cloudy morning clear'd off and a pleasant afternoon sun set behind a cloud and commenced raining about 8 O clock this evening William Vanhorn died about one O'Clock this day 18th Wind N.W. and a fine cool morning a pleasant day a little rain this evg 19th Wind SE & cloudy morning cleard off and sunshine afternoon soem clouds and cooler a little rain this evg 20 Wind SE & Cloudy this morning - raind a little clear'd off and wind chang to N.W. a fine afternoon settled rend with John Elder to this day 21 Wind NE and cloudy snow like, eleven O clock a little snow dropd four clock wind east & rain afternoon snow like this evening 22 Wind east and a raw cloudy morning raind a little nearly all day and raining slightly in the night 23 Wind SE and cloudy morning raind a little cleard off about 12 O clock and was a pleasant afternoon sun set clear this evening and hope tomorrow will be a fine day a little rain after night 24 Wind N and a fine spring morning - clouded up a little and variable cleard off towards evening