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3 mo 25 Wind S and a little hazy this morning--cleard off and sunshine until about 3 then cloudy or hazy till night but no rain here 26th Wind S.E. and hazy morning variable wind S.E. this evening and still somewhat hazy 27th Wind N and hazy morning and continued nearly all this day 28th Wind S East and raining this forenoon cloudy afternoon until evening 29th Wind N. & cloudy morning raind briskly for [illegible] an hour cleard off in the afternoon 30th a fine wholesome morning. Wind west this has been a cool day & windy this evening 31st Win S. & a cool clear morning. Clouded up & a little spit of of snow sun set behind a cloud 4th mo 1st Wind NW and a frosty morning some wind flying clouds cool & midling clear 2nd Wind W and a considerable frost windy and clear except some cloud of wind cold this evening 3rd Wind west and a cold morning and continued cool all day