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4th m 4th Wind west and a frosty morning. Sunshine clear and pleasant day. 5th Wind SW and a cloudy morning cleard of and has been a fine warm day. Election was held for representatives to the assembly of Virginia, out of five candidates Ship & Sexton were elected 6th Wind S.E. and cloudy morning changeable & some rain. Wind changd to SW & boisterous this evening. 7th Wind N.W. and a clear cool day midling high wind become more calm this evening 8th Wind N.W. and a cold wind until nearly 12 O clock more moderate this evening 9th Wind SW and a very pleasant day 10th Wind S.E. & smooky morning. Rainy day tho. Not much fell continues cloudy & little rain this evening 11 Wind southerdly and thunder afternoon there was some hail and a heavy shower this afternoon & continued raining all this day The one methodist appointed a meeting in friends meeting house this afternoon at 3 o clock: a heavy snow this night and still raining from the south east