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Know all men by these presents that I Henry Darnell of Alex'a D C, do hereby Emancipate and set free Jane Grayson a colored woman whom I purchased of Mary W.Butts by Bill of sale dated 5th March 1831 recorded in Liber S. No. 2 folio 534 of the land records of Alexandria County. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal this 28th day of June 1831. Henry Darnell his mark {Seal} Sealed & delivered in presence of Cassius F Lee R H Lloyd Jno. L Hampson At an United States Circuit Court of the Dis: of Columbia, Continued and held for the County of Alexandria the 11th day of November 1821. This Deed of Emancipation from Henry Darnell to Jane Grayson was proved by the oath of Cassius F. Lee and John L Hampson to be the act & Deed of the said Henry Darnell, and ordered to be recorded. Teste Edwin F Lee C,C,