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J Jesse Brown - formerly of Hagers Town in the State of Maryland, having removed, to the Town of Alexandria on the Twenty fourth day of [illegible] Eighteen Hundred Seventeen and [broughto?] [illegible] we the following [illegible] Slaves [illegible] Adam aged 30 years, [Jack?] aged 22 years Patty aged Twenty five years, [Henry?] aged [illegible] years, William aged [illegible] years [illegible] aged three years, Jude aged thirteen years, [illegible] of [illegible] Entry of the said Negroes as the Law directs, [illegible] & wade application to Adam [illegible] as [Justice?] of the Peace for the said Count of Alexandria for that purpose this [illegible] - day of [illegible] [illegible] Brown District of Columbia Alexandria County [illegible] I Adam [illegible] a Justice of the Peace for the County aforesaid do [illegible] that Jesse Brown, [illegible] of Hagers Town in the State of Maryland this day appeared before me and [illegible] and Subscribed the following oath [illegible] J. Jesse Brown "do swear that my removal into the Town of Alexandria" in the District of Columbia was with no [illegible]