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District of Columbia Alexandria County to wit Edward Clarke personally appeared before me a Justice of Peace for the County aforesaid, and made oath in due form of law that his removal into the Town of Alexandria District of Columbia, was with no intent of evading the Laws for preventing the further importation of slaves, and that he has not brought with him any slaves, with an intention of selling them, and that none of the slaves which he has brought with him have been imported from Africa, or any of the West India Islands, since the first day of November, one thousand, seven hundred and seventy eight. Given under my hand this nineteenth day of February 1823 N. S. [Hite?] List and description of the slaves referred to in the above affidavit - Negro Isaac, about fifty years of age common sized Negro Eveline aged about seventeen years, middle sized Negro Juliana, aged about sixteen, of low stature Negro Caroline - aged about fourteen, usual size Negro Malvena - aged about thirteen - low stature Negro Eliza yellow girl about ten - common size At an United States Circuit Court of the District of Columbia Continued and held for the County of Alexandria the 11th day of May 1822 Edward Clark produced to the Court a certificate of the importation of slaves within this county which is received by the Court and ordered to be recorded. Teste Edm. J Lee CC