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District of Columbia Alexandria County to his Be it remembered, that on this fifth day of April 1823 Joseph [illegible] R. Button [personally?] appeared before the [illegible], [illegible] is a Justice of Peace for the County aforesaid, and made oath in due form of law, that his removal from the State of Maryland into the District of Columbia and the County of Alexandria was with no [view?] of [evading?] the laws for [parenting?] the further importation of [slaves?]; and further he made oath, that he has not brought with him any [slaves?], with an intention of selling [them?]; and that none of the slaves brought into the County aforesaid by him, have been imported from Africa, or any of the West India Islands. Since the first day of [illegible] 1778 - [illegible] N. [illegible] List of the slaves brought to the County by the affront, and to which [illegible] as [illegible] underneath, he has duly sworn before Benjamin, aged about twenty five years: about five feet, eight inches high