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A List of Negroes brought into the County of Alexandria in the District of Columbia from the State of Maryland by William Kilty on his removal from the said State to Reside in the said District in June 1801 Negroe Joseph aged about 30 years born in Maryland, a Slave but Manumitted by the said William Kilty in May 1801 to Commence in May 1803. Negroe Nancy aged about 14 - Born a Slave in Maryland but Sold for a term of years by Phillip B Key Sophia - a Mullatto aged about 8 years - a Slave born in Maryland & belonging to a Certain Tobias Walkins of whom the said William Kilty is Guardian I, William Kilty, do swear that my removal into the District of Columbia (to wit to Alexandria formerly in the State of Virginia) was with no intent of evading the Laws for preventing the further importation of Slaves, nor have I brought with me any Slaves with an intention of Selling them, nor have any of the Slaves which I have brought with one been imported from Africa or any of the West India Islands since the first day of November one thousand seven hundred and eighty eight so Help me God Given under my Hand this 4th Day of June 1801 A Faw