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A List of Negroes brought into the County of [illegible] in the District of Columbia from the State of Maryland by William [Kelly?] on his removal from the said State [illegible] in the said district in June 1801 [illegible] Joseph aged about 30 years born in Maryland, a Slave but [illegible] by the said William [Kelly?] in May 1801 + Commence in May 1803 Negroe Nancy aged about 14 - Born a Slave in Maryland but Sold [illegible] a team of years by Phillip B Key Sophia - a [illegible] aged about 8 years - a Slave born in Maryland + belonging [illegible] a [illegible] Tobias [illegible] of whom the said William Kelly in [illegible] I, William Kelly, do seven that my removal into the District of Columbia ([towit?] to Alexandria formerly in the State of Virginia) was with no intent of wading the [illegible] for preventing the further importation of Slaves, [illegible] I brought with me my Slaves with an intention of Selling them, no have any of the Slaves which I have brought with one been imported from Africa [illegible] any of the West India Islands [illegible] the [first?] day of November one thousand seven hundred and eighty eight so Help me God Given under my Hand this 4th Day of June 1801 A [illegible]