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165 June 13, 1927

H. N. W. M. Society met June 13, at Holy Neck Church. The program was given first, (this being in place of study book) and led by Mrs. [Piland?], who gave scripture reading followed by prayer. President then presided + society decided to continue having program and to put before business of society. Report of window + curtain committee. It was the usual time to discuss "[?] Party" so the society instead of party this year that the members give or pledge a curtain amount, the [?] of each circle [?] work with their members and the goal of entire society to be $40.00, and as much over as can be secured. This made an assessment from each circle of $10.00. From the committee on primary room Miss Lil was asked to bring in prices of furniture mite box opening amounted to 77 cents. Society [wanted?] to have [more?]