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166 Feb 1944 The Holy Neck Missionary - Aid Society met on Tuesday February 8th at the Church Hall for an allday meeting and Birthday party, with the president Mrs B D Jones presiding, after the theme hymn, the secretary read the minutes of the last meeting. A motion was made by Mrs Nell Langs[tun?] and 2nd by Mrs Slater that the Society fix a box of clothing for the Friendly Service Committee, to be carried to the Spring Rally to be held at the Oakland Christian Church in April. Mrs June [Daudeon?] conducted the worship service and the Bible Study. The program was presented by Mrs B D Jones [?] for her theme, "Venturer On Understanding." The meeting adjourned for lunch and a supprise Birthday party for our president Mrs B D Jones. The afternoon session was called to order at 2:30 and the calendar [?] that were distributed last Jan (1943) were handed in and opened the Circle leaders made the following reports