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211 March 1945 The Holy Neck Missionary - Aid Society met Tuesday March 6th at the Church Hall for an all day luncheon meeting, with the president Mrs B D Jones presiding, The theme hymn was used as the opening song. The worship service, and devotionals, were conducted by Mrs John Norfleet, and Mrs John Felton, The program was presented by Mrs Emmett Piland. Minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary. Mrs John Norfleet reported 14 members were present at World Day of Prayer service at the Holland Church and the offering amounted to $17.00. A motion was made by Mrs E T Holland and 2nd. by Mrs Langstun that the Missionary Aid contribute $10.00 to the Red Cross War Fund, the 2 treasurers, were autherized to give the $10.00 to Mr James Jones. Miss Addie Byrd gave a review on the Study Book "The American Indian." Four new members were enrolled Mrs Claud Wilkins, Mrs Lonnie Wilkins, Mrs Jape West, and Miss Lydia Norfleet. 26 members and 3 visitors were present. Mission treas. Mrs. John Norfleet reported $38.55 handed in from the circles, making a balance on hand $240.81, Aid treas. reported balance in bank $61.71. Mrs John Felton had charge of the closing worship service after which the meeting adjourned. Pattie H. Howell Secretary (Mrs D H) [left margin Approved]