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255 Mrs. J R Davidson August Mrs C. R. Howell Sept Alecia McNulla Nov. Mr. J. R. Davidson November Ann Davidson May Bill Jones (W.T.) Sept. 16 James Jones Dec Lillye Holland Oct Mrs E T Holland February Mrs. Arnold Slater March Arnold Slater December Emmett Harrell April Mrs E H Stephenson May + Mrs. A. L. Jolly} ++Mrs. A. L. Jolly} absent - send [money?] Shepherd Johnson April Mrs C. A. Saunders March 3rd J P Saunders Nov 28th Kathryn Saunders. April 28th Wade S Johnson Jr. Sept 17th Mrs. Allen R. Piland Feb. 15 X Mrs. C. A. Piland April X Mrs. C. E. Piland August Allen R. Piland May Sara Elizabeth Moore March Lucille Gomer July Willis Eley August Mr J. H. Eley November Mrs. J. H. Eley March [Clarice] Eley December C. C. Baker December Mrs. C. C. Baker August Stuart Baker January Clifton Baker April Munnie Johnson Oct. X Mrs. R L Smith