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Feb. 13/45 Philippines Hello Bob. Just a few lines to say hello and let you hear from me. I haven't heard from you again so far and this makes about 5 letters I have written you since the first one. Well how are you making it these days? Fine I hope. I'm about the same as usual feeling fine, except for getting a little frightened sometime boy in places the dead Japs stink like hell! Bob you and Mama Ruby are the only ones I ever write to, for its hard to find enough time for so much writing. I figgure that is enough for you all can let the others know if you wish. Ruby writes me every day I can tell even if they dont come in order sometimes the same day I will get one mailed in Jan and one in Nov. so that makes things hard to figgure out two days ago I got two xmas cards one from Ruby [@ Linde?] and one from Mr [Mn Harris?] (over)