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but even if they was so late I enjoyed looking at them. Ruby mailed me a box in January but it hasn't came yet. Bob it's a lot of things I would like to tell you in my letters but you know the story. especially after staying in the service as long as you did, not wishing any one any bad luck I wish you were hear with me wright now, its worth the chance to any man especially a single one. Now it will be no problem for me to make a good living for my family when I return, as bad as I hate hear I dont think I could have until the end comes, from one day to another its just like sitting in a poker game, waiting for the card to come around to you and see what it will be, some are good and some are bad, but just like the poker game goes most aren't so good from where I am now I can see pill boxes being burnt out, they make a dam good smoke and the big guns are just music when they throw the shells over you especially when they are going the way they are now the wright way Will close for today write Tell all Hello Love Russ